Swimming Pool Exercise

   Splash Dog Pool & Exercise Program     

Northern Colorado’s best dog pool is open year round! 

Tow Dogs in Pool

Our indoor saltwater pool is heated and filtered with UV and sand filtration to offer a clean, safe environment for your dog to get low-impact exercise.

Proof of vaccines is required for Rabies, Influenza, Distemper & Parvo, and because our facility operates in a social dog environment, we also require proof of a Bordetella vaccine given within the last 6 months, and Influenza. If you wish for the Bordetella vaccination to be updated at AACC, this can be accommodated for a fee of $20. 

Please fill out the following forms: If you are a new client, we require the New Client Form; for all clients we require the Dog Tales Consent Form, the Splash Pool Rules, Splash Questionnaire and the Splash Waiver.

The pool is open six days a week, Monday through Saturday, and is available on a first come, first serve basis. We can reserve 30-minute splash sessions for your dog ($12 each, 5 session package for $57, or 10 session package for $108). If you have more than one dog, they can swim along for an additional $9/session. While in Daycare, dogs can also enjoy a Splash with their daycare buddies everyday at 11 AM for just $10 additional.

Service Price/Appt Length Description
Splash Session$12/30 minPrivate swim for you and your dog
Splash Buddy
$9/30 minAdditional dog joining in for solo splash
Pool Party
$25/1 hrSocial swim with other dogs
Splash 5 Session Package$57/ (5) 30 min sessions5 private swim sessions - must use within 12 months
Splash 10 Session Package $108/(10) 30 min sessions 10 private swim sessions - must use within 12 months
Private Pool Parties
$65/30 min or $100/1 hrPrivate social swim for your dog and its friends
Daycare/Lodging Splash $10/30 min Social swim w/Daycare dogs - Daily @11 AM
Please call with questions!

Splash Pool

Our Splash Pool Offers:

  • A safe and fun environment for swimming all year round with a heated, indoor, saltwater pool
  • Entertainment and exercise for our daycare and lodging dogs. Our daycare dogs can participate in group sessions daily. Dogs staying with us can enjoy individual or group Splash sessions.
  • Assisted Swims are offered through our Canine Rehabilitation Program.  If you're interested, schedule an appointment with Dr. Tina Chen and she'll do an orientation to see what options are best for your pet.   Through our Rehabilitation Program we also offer water therapy on our underwater treadmill.
  • Exercise and Conditioning. Swimming sessions are great for performance and confirmation dogs. Dogs with weight issues can also benefit from this low-impact, fun way to get needed exercise.

Enjoy these videos of some very first swims!

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