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When emergencies happen it can be a scary time for you and your pet. Having a familiar location and face can help you through these difficult times, which is why we encourage you to use Advanced Animal Care as your first resource for your sick pet. We do not turn away any sick animals and promote a “come in now” policy. 

Conditions that require your pet to be seen immediately include:

  • Collapse, lethargy, or unresponsiveness
  • Difficulty breathing or respiratory distress
  • Swollen face or hives
  • Blunt trauma, such as being hit by a car or a hard fall
  • Seizures
  • Toxin ingestion (chocolate, medications, household cleaners, illegal drugs)
  • Vomiting, diarrhea, or not being able to keep down food
  • Limping or broken bones
  • Bleeding lacerations or open wounds
  • Unproductive labor (dystocia)

After hours we have a veterinary technician on-call to answer any questions that you may have. To reach our technician, dial our normal number at 970-493-3333 and at the prompt press “2” for an emergency (even if you aren’t sure if it is one!). If your pet needs to be seen, our technician can contact our on-call doctor and arrange to meet you at our hospital.

Some of the equipment that we have on-site to help manage emergencies are:

  • In-house chemistry, blood gas, blood count, and lactate analyzers
  • Intravenous fluid and constant rate infusion pumps
  • Oxygen cage
  • Digital radiographs (x-ray) which are also read by a boarded radiologist
  • Ultrasound to asses fluid within body cavities and fetal heart rates
  • Anesthetic monitoring including ECG, blood pressure (oscillometric and doppler), oxygen saturation (SpO2), and carbon dioxide (etCO2)
  • Fully equipped surgical suite

As an alternative for emergency care, we recommend using Fort Collins Veterinary Emergency Hospital on Lemay Avenue south of Riverside Avenue (near Poudre Valley Hospital). We work closely with their veterinarians and can have your pet transferred back to our hospital for any additional care. They can be reached at 970-484-8080.

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