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The Importance of Having Your Dog’s Teeth Cleaned Regularly

It’s easy to assume that only humans need to brush their teeth and visit the dentist, but vets recommend dental care for pets, too! Here’s more information about the importance of having your dog's teeth cleaned regularly. 

Oral Disease is Extremely Common in Dogs 

Teeth and gum infections are by far the most common health problems dogs face today. Feeding on prey in the wild “flosses” a dog’s teeth, but commercial pet food fails to provide this benefit. As a result, domesticated animals are extremely susceptible to dental diseases. Many pet owners don’t know this, so they fail to have their dog’s teeth cleaned regularly. Consequently, more than 80 percent of dogs show signs of teeth and gum problems by the time they turn three years old. 

Tooth and Gum Problems Cause “Dog Breath” 

If your canine’s mouth is healthy, his breath shouldn’t stink. However, if a mere whiff of his breath makes you feel faint, this is a sign that your pet’s teeth and gums need attention before they get any worse. 

Gum Disease Leads to Other Health Complications 

Oral health problems can be painful for your dog and lead to tooth loss. This could make eating more difficult, resulting in your dog swallowing whole chunks of food. Digestive issues may follow. 

According to Colorado State University’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital, periodontal disease – an advanced stage of gum disease – allows harmful bacteria to enter the bloodstream, which can lead to heart, lung or kidney disease if left untreated. 

Having Your Dog’s Teeth Cleaned Can Save You Money 

Your pet’s health is your primary concern, but preventative doggie dental care can also save you money on costly treatments. Keep in mind that dogs are experts at hiding pain. It’s a built-in survival mechanism left over from their days in the wild.  

This means you might not know your pet has tooth and gum issues until they become severe. Preventative teeth cleanings once a year help you reverse developing problems before they lead to pain and other health complications that could be expensive to treat. 

At-Home Pet Dental Care is Also Important 

You brush your teeth between dentist visits, right? Did you know you can do the same for

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