Meet the friendly staff at Advanced Animal Care of Colorado!

  • Mr. Charlie
    Professional Client Welcome Services

    Charlie came to AACC in April of 2012. He was rescued by the clinic after being abandoned and shot with a BB gun. Due to the severity of his wounds, his left front limb was amputated by our great doctors. Since then, he has called AACC his home and loves to greet all our clients daily. If you see him, take a minute to say hi, he'll love you for it!

  • Courtney
    Veterinary Technician

    Courtney was born and raised in San Jose, CA before moving to Farmington Hills, MI with her family. In 2016, she made the decision to move to Denver to pursue vet tech school at Bel-Rea Institute, sadly leaving her two dogs who she had for their whole lives.  After completing her internship at AACC and graduating in Dec 2018, she was hired on as a Technician with us. Courtney currently lives in Greeley, CO with two 6 yr old rescue greyhounds named Baxter and Moose, both of whom are retired racers, and a 9 month old tabby cat named Tubz.

  • Shoko
    Veterinary Assistant

    Shoko has been with AACC since early 2015. Shoko considers herself a Colorado native having mostly grown up here although she was born in Iwakuni, Japan. At AACC, she particularly loves the client education piece of her job and helping clients understand the veterinary care of their furry family members. Shoko likes to spend time between shifts with her boyfriend out camping, riding dirt bikes, going to music festivals and shows, relaxing at home with video games, or playing with their numerous animals. Between the two of them , there are six dogs, five cats, two horses, and two sweet little rats in the house.

  • Elisha
    Veterinary Assistant

    Elisha was born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona where she always had  a passion for animals.  She moved to Fort Collins in 2015 to start her  Bachelor's Degree in Equine Sciences at Colorado State University.   Elisha plans to continue on to pursue her DVM after graduating in the  fall. When not working at AACC, she is hiking in the mountains,  traveling around the world, going to music festivals, or hanging out  with her boyfriend, Rob, their dog, Bella, three snakes, Saphira,  Smaug, and Pablo, and two geckos, Bambi and Faline.

  • Zach
    DOGTALES Manager

    Zach was born and raised in Southern California where he spent his days lounging on the beach with his best pups Blummer and Ellie. College brought him to Colorado where he first aspired to be a Biomedical Science major with a pre-vet track. After some soul searching, he switched his major to computer science where he found his true passion to be a technological wizard. He joined the AACC team in November of 2015. He now enjoys bringing his shared-custody pup, Blazer Blaze, to daycare, hitting a wiffle ball around, and taking hikes around Colorado.

  • Meredith
    DOGTALES Attendant

    Meredith was born and raised just north of Chicago in a suburb called Evanston. She moved to Fort Collins in 2014 to pursue a degree in Social Work at Colorado State University. After graduating in 2018 and doing some soul searching she realized animals are better to work with than humans. She has been working at doggy daycares for just over a year now, with the vague dream of maybe opening her own one day. When Meredith is not playing wit the dogs in daycare and making funny noises at them, you can find er lounging on the couch with her boyfriend, Sam and their dogs, Crash and Charlie. She also enjoys video games, the occasional hike and looking at dogs on the rescue pages that she can't adopt (yet).

  • Taylor
    DOGTALES Attendant

    Taylor was born and raised in Colorado. She has lived in Fort Collins for 5 years. She is going to CSU for Zoology to become a zookeeper. Taylor has a cuddly cat and a cute dog at home. When she's not playing with all the dogs in daycare she's hanging out outside or planning her future travels around the world.

  • Brandy
    DOGTALES Attendant

    Brandy is a Colorado native. Her fiance and her have two amazing dogs, Zoey & Milo, and two sweet cats, Tiger & Ink. When she is not at work, their little family goes on hikes, to the dog park and loves to enjoy the outdoors. She is very passionate towards animals and learning as much as she can so she can help as many animals as possible.

  • Bre

    Breanne was born and raised in Connecticut until she moved to Colorado in 2015. She is currently going to school at Colorado State University here in Fort Collins to a pursue fish, wildlife, and conservation biology degree. She recently adopted her first fur baby, Goose the cattle dog mix.

  • Hunter

    Hunter is a Fort Collins native with a passion for animals. He has been mastering his grooming skills since 2012, and his love for dogs has only grown. When he's not working, he is spending time with his 10 month old Akita puppy, Bertha. Hunter also enjoys getting lost in teh woods, shredding the slopes, or hitting the road on his motorcycle.

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