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DOG TALES is where all the fun activities happen. Click any of the links below for more information.

Alphabet D- Doggie Daycare! Bring your dog in for a day of daycare in our 50 x 100 foot fenced astro-turfed play yard.

Alphabet O- Obedience Classes! Our fun, positive reinforcement based Power to the Puppies training classes are just what you need to help develop a well mannered dog. We focus on the behaviors you need to make your dog a great family member.

Alphabet G- Grooming! Our professional groomers can make your dog look beautiful, remove all the shedding hair, and make them smell fantastic!

Alphabet T- Training/Behavioral Consulting! Our behaviorist can provide additional training and help you create a strong bond with your dog.

Alphabet A- Agility Training! One of the fastest growing dog sports around. Our classes will help you build a strong foundation and get you successfully competing as quickly as possible.

Alphabet L- Luxury Lodging! If you're planning a trip, let us take care of your dog or cat while you're away. Our lodging facility is state of the art with in-floor radiant heat, glass doors and a fully fenced astro-turfed play yard.

E - Exercise!- Exercise! Your dog can run, play, and swim at our daycare!

Alphabet S- Swimming! Have fun with your dog in our in-ground, heated, saltwater pool!

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