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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese medicine has been around for thousands of years, but requires a shift in perspective when compared with Western medicine. An Eastern medicine foundation involves balancing the body by using an innate system of connecting the internal organs with each other and also with the changing seasons and elements in nature to identify different patterns of disease in an individual as disease develops due to imbalances within the body. 

The best way to achieve balance is to combine Western/conventional medicine with Eastern medicine. Western medicine deals well with acute diseases and has advanced surgical procedures, which is necessary in certain cases. Chinese medicine is beneficial for chronic conditions especially those conditions Western medicine has no cure for but can only control like arthritis and kidney disease. chinese herbs

What are the differences between a Western/conventional examination and an Eastern medicine examination? An Eastern examination is similar to Western medicine where we start with an in-depth history and then a physical exam. However, the Eastern medical history will include history prior to the symptoms we are seeing the patient for and be much more detailed than needed for a Western medicine exam. The goal is to determine how pathogens are interacting in the body to produce the signs of illness being presented to us. With the symptoms presented, we can administer a specific treatment to clear the imbalance in the body. This model highlights that a particular organ failure in Chinese medicine may have multiple effects. A tendency to a weakness in one organ provides the basis for a variety of diseases over the lifetime of the patient. This has led some practitioners to claim that there are really no acute diseases, just multiple manifestations of one core imbalance.

chinese herbsWe are proud to be able to offer a wide range of complementary treatments here at Advanced Animal Care that involve integrating Western with Eastern medicine to ensure our treatment outcomes are as successful as possible for our patients. Eastern medicine allows us to offer a new world of efficacious treatment options, which is not available when using Western medicine alone. 

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