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   Veterinary Digital Radiography in Fort Collins, CO    

Radiography is an important part of diagnostic imaging in veterinary medicine. The radiology service in our hospital performs hundreds of studies every year on dogs, cats, and the occasional exotic pet. X-ray images (radiographs) allow radiologists and other specialists to examine the body for injury or disease.Three Women Doing Digital Radiography On Dog

Not only used for bones, radiographs provide examination of the heart, lungs, and abdominal organs. Radiography is often the first line of diagnostic imaging with which a radiologist can either make a diagnosis, or direct the need for further imaging. It is quick, painless, and economical. In some cases, follow-up examinations are used to monitor a patient's progress throughout the hospital stay.

All radiographic studies at Advanced Animal Care of Colorado are reviewed by board certified radiologists, the specialists of diagnostic imaging. We utilize Antech Imaging Services, an International Telemedicine, to review our radiographs and this gives us less than 3 hr. turnaround time on our radiology reads.  Our dedicated team of doctors and licensed veterinary technicians work closely with the radiologists to perform both routine and specialized exams. Advanced procedures such as contrast radiography as well as positional radiography are performed daily at our hospital. 

When performing OFA Hip, Elbow, Spine, Thoracic, Shoulder, LCP or other radiographic studies, we can submit these to OFA the same day digitally to ensure the fastest turnaround times.  We are also certified in PennHip radiographs and these are submitted real time and read within days through AIS.  We pride ourselves on very accurate positioning and high quality radiographs that allow for the best ratings possible.

Digital radiography has revolutionized both human and veterinary medicine due to its convenience and improved detail for soft tissues. All radiographic studies performed at Advanced Animal Care of Colorado are digital. This means that multiple experts can be examining the patient's radiographs throughout the hospital and by Telemedicine at the same time. We can easily send you, our clients, as well as specialists in any field, an email link to the images to reviewed and shared to allow for a collaborative approach in any case.

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