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Nursing a pet back to health can be harder than with people since we cannot reason with them to drink more fluids or eat even if they are not feeling well. For instance, if you had the flu you still know that you should drink plenty of fluids and to eat even if you don’t necessarily feel up to it. With your dog or cat it is much harder (if not impossible) to keep them hydrated by just coaxing them to drink water. This is one of the reasons why your pet may need to be hospitalized for what might otherwise seem like a minor problem.

Reasons that hospitalization may be recommended are:Dog in Cage

  • After surgery to assist with recovery and monitor pain
  • Treat and prevent dehydration in pets that are not eating or drinking
  • Give intravenous medications to an animal that cannot eat or that is vomiting
  • Treat a critical condition, such as shock, heart failure, or seizures
  • Monitor your pet for any changes in their condition

It may be tempting to think that you can do these things at home, but our doctors and veterinary technicians have trained for years to notice subtle changes in health and how to act accordingly.  Delaying appropriate treatment can slow the healing process and in some cases may be life threatening.  In addition, it can be very stressful for you to see your pet sick and not knowing if what is happening is normal or something to be concerned about.

Prior to your pet’s hospitalization, our doctor will make an estimate for their anticipated stay, including intravenous fluids, medications, and nursing care. We strive to keep you informed with at least twice daily updates on how your pet is doing. With our open-door policy, you are welcome to come visit your pet any time during their stay with us.

Take comfort knowing that our hospital is well prepared to take care of most hospitalized patient’s needs, including:

  • Intravenous fluid and constant rate infusion pumps
  • In-house chemistry, blood gas, blood count, and lactate analyzers
  • Heated cage banks
  • Oxygen cage and ability for nasal oxygen therapy
  • Vital parameter monitoring including ECG, blood pressure (oscillometric and doppler), oxygen saturation (SpO2), and carbon dioxide (etCO2)
  • Fully stocked pharmacy with injectable and oral medications

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