What Is Animal Wellness?

So often we hear people remark that their pet is so healthy that they Dog Wearing Stethoscopehave never needed to go to the veterinarian. It is also a popular misconception that pets only need to go to the veterinarian when they are sick or injured. But like people, animals need a yearly visit to the doctor to make sure they are at the top of their health and to prevent or identify diseases before they are a serious problem. By meeting with one of our veterinarians on a yearly basis, they can help identify changes to your pet’s health and make recommendations to keep your pet healthy into the future.

At Advanced Animal Care in Fort Collins, we call this yearly visit to the vet a Wellness exam. What does “Wellness” mean? It is more than just vaccines! At one of our Wellness visits, your pet will receive:A detailed review of their medical history, lifestyle at home, and diet

               -Complete physical exam by one of our veterinarians

               -All state required vaccinations and any additional vaccines based on your pet’s lifestyle and history

               -Prophylactic deworming as recommended by the CDC

               -Screening lab work and fecal testing based on their age and breed

               -Recommendations for additional care and diagnostics

To make sure that your pet receives all of the recommended care involved in a Wellness visit, we have created convenient Wellness Packages that bundle all of these services at a discounted price. During your Wellness visit, our veterinary technicians and doctors will review which vaccines and diagnostics are needed and help you to determine which Wellness Package is right for your pet. If you have questions regarding what is included in these packages, please ask a client services representative or technician.

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