Your First Rehab Visit

What to Expect During Your Pet's First Rehab Session

What should you expect at your initial physical rehabilitation consult at AACC?

For each patient that is referred for a rehab consult, whether an in-house referral from another AACC doctor or a new client to the hospital, we schedule an in-depth initial appointment allowing the certified rehab veterinarian adequate time to evaluate your pet and make a plan with you. This consult is scheduled for an hour and involves a thorough orthopedic, and neurologic exam, including specific starting measurements of joint range of motion and leg muscle girth, followed by a discussion about any necessary diagnostics and treatment options for your pet. You will be asked to identify your goals for the rehab program, and at the end of the consult we will determine the best pain management plan and schedule to get your pet on the path to improving function, mobility, and quality of life. A rehab program for your pet may include a home exercise program, laser therapy, hydrotherapy (swimming or underwater treadmill), therapeutic exercises, acupuncture, heat with massage, and/or other modalities.

Prior to your visit:

  1. If you are being referred from another hospital, please request your pet's medical records including any bloodwork and x-rays be sent to AACC either by email to or fax to 1-970-315-3545. You can also request that your veterinarian fill out an online submission referral form to streamline your initial visit.
  2. If you are new to our hospital, you can fill out the new client information through our online submission form.
  3. Please arrive a few minutes early so we can make sure that your information is updated in our computer and bring all medications and supplements in hand, or a list including doses with you, as well as information about your pet’s current diet including the amount being eaten per meal.

After your visit:

  1. Within 48 hours of your consult, you will receive via email your pet’s medical record that includes the exam findings, assessment, and plan that covers medications, supplements, home exercises, activity restrictions, etc.

All of the information/record from the visit will be faxed/emailed to your primary care veterinarian(s). It is very important for us to build an interactive working relationship with your primary care doctor during and 

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