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   C-Section & Animal Breeding Services     

As breeders, we would love to avoid C-Sections at all costs and with our whelping service at Advanced Animal Care, there are many times that interventional medical management allows us to do this versus other hospitals that would move to C-Section very quickly. That being said, when you need a C-section – you need one right now! We have perfected the Caesarean Section process at Advanced Animal Care!

There are two types of Caesarean Section procedures:Preparing a client for surgery

Elective – these are planned events that can be chosen for many reasons, such as:

Fetal-Maternal Disproportion – puppies too large for the pelvic canal diameter. We take puppy count radiographs at the end of gestation and can measure fetal skull diameter and pelvic canal diameter to determine if there is a risk of a puppy being stuck in the canal during whelping.

Historical dystocia with the bitch or in her lines – primary uterine inertia, secondary uterine inertia, multiple previous C-sections.

High risk pregnancies, elderly bitches, excessively large litters or a singleton litter

Emergency – we can move to an emergency C-section at anytime within minutes. Advantages of a C-section at Advanced Animal Care are:

Highly trained/practiced team! Our operation is smooth based on the large number of C-sections we experience.

We can be in surgery in less than 10 minutes at anytime.

We manage a C-section Alert team for each bitch due to whelp and have enough team members on call to have one trained employee per puppy, an anesthetist and the surgeon. This is not something you can count on in an emergency hospital or general practice.

The latest and safest anesthetic protocols including epidurals, sevoflourane gas, local anesthetic blocks and fast acting and metabolized propofol. The puppies do not receive drugs prior to being removed from the uterus and their recovery is rapid as they are not influenced by opioid drugs or heavy anesthetics. This also allows for rapid recovery for the bitch without experiencing any pain while waking up.

Very fast surgery – most C-sections are less than 30 minutes from start to finish.

Bitches are assessed for milk production and mothering instincts and we have lots of tricks up our sleeve to make sure this goes well including acupuncture, natural supplements and medications. We even save the placentas and use them as a natural pheromone to attract mom to her pups. Since the anesthetics are short acting and the pain protocol we use is so thorough – the bitches usually have plenty of milk and they mother right away which is an added bonus!

Neonatal care postoperative to C-sections is part of the package. We will assess each puppy individually, ensure strength and nursing ability, administer oxygen or utilize our neonatal incubator as needed. If the puppies are strong and doing well, you may elect to have dewclaws/tail docks done before taking the puppies home to avoid the stress of another trip out at a young age. When the pups and mom are doing well we will help you get them bundled and home quickly so the bitch can be in her own environment and learn to mother appropriately.

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