Why Holistic Medicine Is Good For Pets

Holistic Medicine Is a Great Alternative for Pet Treatment

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For decades, holistic treatment has been a medical treatment option for humans. We use acupressure to restore balance in the body, to decrease nausea, and even to reduce anxiety. We also use homeopathy in order to cure ailments by treating them with what causes them—but did you know that these holistic treatments are also available for your pet?

When conventional treatment doesn't work, or to avoid the side effects of certain conventional treatments, many pet owners use holistic medicine to ensure that their pets are protected against ailments and disease.

What Is Holistic?

We’ve all seen or heard the word holistic. Some believe it to mean organic or natural, but holistic is best described as an approach. The idea behind holistic approaches is that our physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects are interconnected. When one of these aspects is impacted, the others are also affected. For example, if your dog is sick, he is also more likely to have a lack of energy and may not be his usual high-energetic self.

A holistic veterinarian will look at the big picture of your pet's health versus just treating the symptoms. For example, the veterinarian may ask how your pet has been acting or what type of diet you’ve been feeding him. These factors, and others, play a role in the overall health of your pet.

Understanding as many details as possible can help to create a holistic treatment that not only addresses symptoms but the underlying causes that are impacting your pet's health.

Why Choose Holistic Treatment?

There are vast differences between traditional Western medicine and holistic pet wellness. Western medicine works great for certain ailments, such as an infectious disease, and where a veterinarian can find the underlying cause and prescribe the right treatment, such as surgery for a broken leg or treatment for a cold.

On the other hand, holistic treatment is much more effective in dealing with chronic illnesses such as obesity, arthritis, and heart disease. With holistic medicine, preventative measures are used to treat the entire body. For instance, if your pet is suffering from arthritis, a holistic veterinarian may prescribe acupuncture to minimize symptoms, supplements to boost bone and joint health, and chiropractic treatment to relieve tension throughout your pet’s body.

While these two forms of treatment are vastly different, they do overlap. A holistic veterinarian isn’t opposed to using lab tests or x-rays just as some conventional Western treatments may involve alternative options like supplements.

Types of Holistic Treatment

As we better understand how holistic treatment can be used to effectively treat pets, a growing number of holistic veterinary services are available. If your pet is suffering from pain because of arthritis or inflammation in the joints, a veterinarian may prescribe acupuncture or massage therapy to help ease these symptoms. Other forms of holistic treatment that have proven to be useful in keeping pets healthy and happy include:

  • Homeopathy
  • Energy healing
  • Chiropractic
  • Herbalism
  • Aromatherapy
  • Phytotherapy
  • Physiotherapy

While these treatment options are different in their approach, each of them seeks to improve your pet’s overall health while also alleviating symptoms.

Benefits of Holistic Therapy

The biggest advantage of using holistic treatment is the ability for this treatment to naturally ease or cure various ailments. Holistic treatment doesn't involve the use of drugs or other chemicals that can cause adverse side effects and potential health issues. If your pet suffers from a chronic illness, holistic medicine may be the ideal treatment method.

While Western and holistic treatments are often compared, these two treatments are best when used together. For example, natural approaches may be able to increase the effectiveness of drug therapy. If your pet is on antibiotics or steroids to minimize inflammation, using massage therapy or Chinese medicine for pets can further reduce, if not alleviate, symptoms such as pain, discomfort, and swelling.

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